We've lost so much in our society. We've lost connection with each other, many of us don't know our neighbors and live lonely, isolated lives. We've lost our sense of our own worth which makes it hard to find the strength to pursue our purpose. We've lost that sense of peace and knowing 'it is well with my soul.' We struggle to know why we are here and what our purpose is. And we fail so often to experience the grace and love of God. This Lent lets find those things together! On Wednesday nights we'll be searching scripture to find what we've lost. To find connection, worth, contentment, purpose and grace. 


Join us for Soup supper at 6pm. WOW confirmation groups will meet at this time. Then we'll gather in the sanctuary for worship at 7pm using a new version of evening prayer developed by our music director. Worship will include communion, prayer and a message aimed at finding what's been lost. 


Holy Week worship begins March 24 with Maundy Thursday at 7pm. This includes first communion for second grade students and concludes with teh stripping of the altar to symbolize the suffering and humiliation of Jesus on the night of his betrayal.


Good Friday worship will be held on March 25th at noon and 7pm. This solemn worship services recalls the crucifixion of Jesus


Easter worship will be held at 8am, 9:30am and 11:00am. Together we celebrate the vicotry overs sin, death and the devil that jesus has accomplished for us!