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Community In Christ Director Of Inviting Ministries


The Director of Inviting Ministries is entrusted to embody and foster a sense of Christian hospitality and inclusion within Community in Christ’s family of faith.

Primary Responsibilities
  1. Creating a Sense of Welcome

    1. Digital Welcome: CIC’s website and social media pages are often the initial way visitors turn to learn about CIC.  The DIM is to oversee these entities making sure content is updated regularly and that it is informative to both visitors and members.

    2. Personal Welcome: At worship services as well as other congregational events, the DIM, or welcoming groups organized by the DIM, will greet attendees paying particular attention to connect with visitors.

    3. Spatial Welcome: Periodically reflect on the visuals, layout, and signage that is used at CIC and work towards ways it may become even more hospitable. 

  2. Identifying and Integrating New Members into the life of CIC

    1. Upon meeting visitors, information about the congregation is shared and relationships are attempted to be formed.  If contact information is received, cards of welcome are sent out as well as a follow-up e-mail. 

    2. For reoccurring visitors, help to network them to people and ministries in the congregation with whom they might more easily connect.

    3. Organize and lead periodic new member orientation and welcome in partnership with the pastors.     

    4. Follow up with new members for a period of six months to one year after they are officially welcomed into the congregation to help ensure they are connected to the ministries of CIC.  

  3. Tending to Existing Ministries

    1. Works with current CIC ministries to invite new members to participate within them.

    2. Helps current ministries envision ways of being more hospitable (evaluating structure, communication, purpose)

    3. To assist in ensuring a welcoming & hospitable environment, the DIM will coordinate various volunteer schedules that are integral to our weekly worship experience (ushers, greeters, worship assistants, fellowship leaders, etc).  Delegation is encouraged for each group to schedule from within, but the DIM is tending to each group to make sure scheduling is happening.

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Qualifications & Compensation

-Candidates need to have a blend of interpersonal skills, be gifted communicators, and be comfortable in working with the church's social media pages and website. 
-Training will be provided for all areas of responsibility.
-The position is part-time (15 hours per week) and salaried ($240-$300 a week).

-There will be 4 paid Sundays allotted off per year.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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