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Advent Devotional 2020

Advent is the English form of the Latin verb “to come.” The season of Advent marks the beginning of the church year and comprises the four weeks before Christmas. The church has observed a season of preparation before Christmas since the appearance of regulations on fasting issued by Bishop Perpetuus of Tours in 490 C.E.

The First Sunday of Advent is regarded in the Western Church as the beginning of the liturgical year. Although this time precedes Christmas, it is not exclusively a time to get ready to celebrate the coming child at Bethlehem. Advent also focuses on what is popularly called “the second coming.” Thus Advent is the celebration of the promise that Christ will bring an end to all that is contrary to the ways of God; the resurrection of Jesus is the first sign of this destruction of the powers of death, the inauguration and anticipation of what is yet to come in fullness.

Please enjoy this Advent Devotional written by members of Community in Christ’s family of faith. Look up the Bible passages each day, use the daily reflections on your own or with a friend or family member, and then pray with the reflection in your mind and on your heart. Our prayer is that these pages will be a spiritually enriching resource for you as we journey toward Bethlehem during this season. A big thank you goes out to all of our reflection and illustration contributors. Names are found  throughout the  devotional. As we experience this season of Advent, may the ways of God around us show forth hope, love, joy, and peace each and every day.

~Pastor Lisa and Pastor Michael

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