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The giving garden is an organic community garden on two acres behind the church on Lake Norman drive. The church maintains a portion of the garden with produce donated to local soup kitchens or sold and the money going to support effots to alleviate world hunger. We also rent space to the community for a very modest fee to give everyone a chance to try their hand at organic gardening. 


Community In Christ Fresh Chicken Egg Co-Op

Our Egg Co-Op will allow CIC Members the opportunity to

enjoy farm fresh, 100% ORGANIC eggs, without the farm!


Here is How the Program Will Work:

Once you sign up you will be given all of the information you need to

know and will be entered into a two-week work rotation. On your day

to work just come out to the Giving Garden and do a few simple

duties that should only take about 10 minutes: feed the chickens, top

off the water, move the portable coop, fill out the logbook, and, of

course, collect the eggs!


What We Provide:

The Giving Garden will provide the chickens, coop, feed, water

source, education, and one-on-one guidance.


A Few Ground Rules:

There needs to be a slight cost to enter the program, as chicken feed

is not cheap (especially the high-quality 100% organic feed we will be

using). The cost to enter the co-op is $60 for the year. During your

work rotation you will be permitted to keep four-dozen eggs, the rest

will be sold at church on Sunday’s to help cover the programs cost.


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