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"And thank-you for your time and sacrifices to help out those are in needs because there are no word to describe how hard it is to be an immigrant. We struggle a lot and thankfully people like you help us in away that would open our eyes and see the light that God has given. I truly wanted to thank-you because without you guys there's no path for us. Thinking back how much my parents has suffered to feed me and the rest of my siblings and to go through all the obstacles is just killing me. God made this happen and through him nothing is impossible to walk on"


-A Montagnard student served by the Mission Post


Thank You CIC For Sharing The BBQ!!!! It was delicious!! We enjoyed it for our Sunday night dinner after worship on November 5th and again at turtoring on November 6th!

Montangnard Mission Council

Kim Cornellier & Lauren Millner, Executive Team

Bethani Ka, Praise Team

Lori Garland, CIC Liaison

Stella Ryan, Financial Secretary

Doug Wwells, AMF Liaiso

Youth Advisor

Sunday Night Worship

Inspiring Worship, teaching and small groups happen each Sunday evening in the fellowship building of Amighty Fortress Lutheran Church(AMF). 


4:30 PM   Leadership meeting


5:30 PM  Worship & Teaching


6:40 PM   Small Groups -Young Adult Men, Highschool Boys, Young Adult/Highschool Women & Middleschool


7:40 PM    Leader's Debrief & Clean Up


Contact Kim Cornellier for more information


AMF is located at 8200 MCCLURE CIR CHARLOTTE, NC 28216


See our Facebook Page for the most up to date information


The Montagnard Mission Council met on October 1st and would like to share the following updates and opportunities to support the Montagnard Mission:

· Montagnard Sunday was recently held at CIC with great feedback from the congregation and a similar Sunday worship with AMF is planned for 10/22. All are invited to attend to meet for worship and fellowship with the Montagnard youth and leaders from the Mission


· While the Mission has been blessed with many tutor volunteers, the tutoring team now can include more students.  Tutors are being “paired” with students to offer the opportunity to develop the connection and meet the more specific needs of each student.


Additional Opportunities for volunteering with the Montagnard Mission include:


· Seeking adult alternate for riding in the van to picks up and drop off students for Monday night tutoring. We currently have coverage in the van, but would like to have an “alternate” adult riders in the case of scheduling conflicts. You would meet at CiC on the tutoring Monday around 3:45- returning at approx. 8:00pm after dropping off all the student: this would be only an occasional need as alternate position adult-rider. Please contact Lori Garland 918-407-6144 or if you can serve as an alternate.


· Deandre will be coordinating a CPR training with Tom for any of the leaders of the Youth Mission group or the Mission tutoring instructors to take on a volunteer basis. There will be a small fee to take the course. Anyone is welcome to participate.


· Administrator position responsibilities will be largely absorbed by the council members including some attendance and communication tasks. We are always open to volunteer time and talent to assist with items like writing of thank-you letters, logging attendance, and helping with social media communications with the Mission.


· The Mission youth and Mission leadership seek to uncover opportunities to bless their communities for the support.  The Council will help facilitate a Ministry to support the Montagnard families by helping with services including: document review (Medicaid or other applications, taxes, general mail responses/ banking, tax preparation, college applications and scholarships.) This could also include working with Montagnard young adults as interpreters and result in the development of guides for various topics. The Council seeks to invite all interested adults or senior youth who can assist the families with reviewing their mail/ bills, taxes, banking, college and other applications


For any of the above opportunities to volunteer or support the Montagnard Mission Please contact: Lauren Millner 704-517-8041, Doug Wells (AMF), 704-651-7074, Kim Cornellier 704-453-1680 , Lori Garland 918-407-6144 (CIC) or  Pastor Travis.


History of the Montagnard Mission Post

It started small, just one volunteer meeting with a group of refugee boys, helping them with their homework. But the Spirit was at work and the people of Community in Christ Lutheran Church were inspired and caught the vision. We borrowed a few vans and eventually purchased our own and began transporting the children, more each week, 40 minutes north to the library near our congregation. Members of CIC and others from the community would then sit down, one-on-one with 30-40 children and help them with their homework. These refugees had been relocated to Charlotte from Vietnam, many after fleeing the communist government and religious persecution. They fled through the jungles to Cambodia and then were transported to the U.S. Imagine being in 7th grade, not knowing English, having lived all your life in a small mountain village and being thrust into an inner city school with no support. Imagine then being expected to pass your EOG’s! Before our tutoring ministry took off, many of these kids dropped out of school before finishing high school. Now most of them are graduating each year! But this was just the beginning. The Spirit was just getting started with us!


We knew we could only do so much by transporting them to where we were. So in 2012 we rented an apartment in their West Charlotte neighborhood and dubbed it the Montagnard Mission Post. We quickly outgrew the apartment and in 2015 we partnered with A Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church to use their fellowship hall for worship on Sunday nights and their church building for tutoring and ESL on Monday nights. God has blessed Community in Christ with this ministry and we are very interested in what He would do next. Please pray that we may have courage and compassion to follow wherever our Lord leads! If you would like to serve in any way please call Lauren Millner, Kim Cornellier or Pastor Travis 704-892-0120 Check us out on facebook for the most up to date pictures and information.


  • Monday Night Tutoring: We tutor on Monday Nights beginning at 5:30 at A Mighty Fortress Lutheran church. Adult Volunteers are always welcome. Please contact Lauren Milner or Kim Cornellier for more information

  • Mission Post Worship on Sunday Nights: Join us for worship on Sunday Nights at A Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church. Worship begins at 5:30pm. 

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