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Tuesday Table Talk


Roll the prayer cube for the prayer or try this one

"God is great and God is good,And we thank God for our food;By God's hand we must be fed,Give us Lord, our daily bread.Amen."


Sing to the Lord a new song because he has done wonderful things!


What songs do you like to sing in worship? What marvelous things can we praise God for today?

One of the hymns we sing in church is called "Earth and All Stars" (ELW 731). In it we praise God for Earth, stars, loud rushing planets, hail, wind, rain, loud blowing snowstorm, trumpet and pipes, loud clashing cymbals, harp, lute and lyre, loud humming cellos, engines and steel, loud pounding hammers, limestone and beams, loud building workers, classrooms and labs, loud boiling test tubes, athlete and band, loud cheering people, knowledge and truth, loud sounding wisdom, daughter and son, and loud praying members!


Comment below to share your thoughts with others and hear how they reacted to today's verse.

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