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Web Author Guidelines


Thank you for your efforts in supporting the CIC website!  For many people, our website will be the first impression of our church, ministries, and community


The CIC website has been redesigned for using a consistent, professional design.  Pages have been placed intentionally to be user-friendly and facilitate ease of use.  Consideration has been provided in the areas of design, consistency, technology, organization of information, & search engine information.  As we work to develop and enhance our website and keep the content updated, we need to work together to keep the experience consistent. For this reason, we have established guidelines to help with keeping a positive image. 



How do I edit pages?

You can learn how to use the tool for making changes here,



  • Keep your audience interested by providing quality, information-rich content.  Great graphics will not make up for non-descriptive content.

  • Write for the web and not for print – Try to limit the use of Italics.  And, rather than place important content in PDF or Word files, visitors will prefer to read HTML pages

  • Images – Pay attention to the size of images that you upload as larger size images take longer to download causing our visitors to wait for a page to render.  Aim to keep images at less than 150 KB. Average size of 50-75 KB

  • Make sure your pages are easy to read.  Our standard colors for font size, color, background, white space, alignment of text are distributed throughout all pages.  Be consistent with these standards.

  • Navigation has been an area of focus for the CIC Website Committee.  We encourage new pages but these should be created and hidden from the menu until approval is provided by the Committee.  Consideration for new pages can be sent via e-mail to for committee approval.

  • Avoid errors – double check links and spelling mistakes

  • Test with different browsers – major page changes should be tested against the 4 most popular browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, & Chrome).  Mobile versions of the site can be tested on a phone.

  • Please do not provide the website credential information to edit pages to individuals without permission from the Website Committee


Please contact Susan Kullstam, JoEllen Butler, or Scott Brooks


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